Art for Relaxation

Arts and crafts are great outlets for relaxation.  Let your imagination soar and take you to new heights as you create unique creations that are an expression and extension of you.  I sometimes take time to make arts and crafts from recycled food containers (boxes from dry goods primarily).  I take these and reinvent them into something functional with beautiful art created exclusive to the piece.

Find new ways to express yourself through the arts – Painting and drawing, and crafting in so many ways are great outlets to relax and enjoy time. Create a quick theme and run with it, making new items that are restored with a new life.  Save on supplies by recycling dry food containers into art.  You can save the containers rather then discarding them as you use them, and then recycle them when your ready to create.  For example if you had an oatmeal container you wipe it down real good inside so that it has no trace of food.  You then use the can as the canvas to create loveliness. The best packaging to reuse are things that are individually packaged and wrapped, second best are dry foods like grains, coffee and other containers.

Recycle – Reuse & Relax while you create!

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