Review: Demy Digital Recipe Reader

Demy Digital Recipe Reader by Key Ingredient

The Demy is the first of its kind to bring a digital recipe reader holding your entire recipe collection all in one place, along with cooking related tools on the unit such as measurement conversions and more.  This incredible kitchen-safe device has a high-res color touchscreen aiding any cook in the kitchen.  The sleek design was made to make the process of cooking with recipes much simpler and easier for the one using it.  This great piece of technology is revolutionizing the way we cook.

Key Ingredient powers this amazing little kitchen tool. They also provides a great site for finding, sharing, collecting and creating recipes. Membership is FREE and getting started is easy. Once you have set up your account, you can add your own recipes, browse the endless collection of recipes shared by other users, as well as receive new information put out by the site. When you’ve completed your collection and downloaded the software from the site the rest is simple.  This will digitize your current recipe collection that may be currently on a bunch of scribbled notes, in multiple places, in recipe books or simply stored in your head, straight to your unit where you can find them all in one central location.  This great gadget provides one location to store all your most cherished recipes while you increase your collection.  The share technology provided by their site allows members to swap recipes getting all the recipes you ever wanted to cook.  Cooking should be joyful!

Once you get your Demy all you do is connect your Demy to your computer, hit the “Sync” button, and your recipes simply transfer.

You are ready to cook along with your kitchen companion the Demy learn more details about the product

Gadget Rating: 8 out of 10

Pricing: $170 – $310 (Depending on where you purchase the unit and whether it is on a promotional rate or standard retail pricing rate.)

Review:  Most users love the unit. Many felt the cost was high even when on sale.  The price is reasonable considering it is a kitchen electronic, and first of its kind.  After tax and shipping costs, expect to spend atleast $200+.  The unit is  a help to any working kitchen whether it is a family run, church or small restaurant. Think of it as a new storage box for your recipes which are used any time you cook a recipe.  Independently on its own platform this machine can take any cook and help make them great.  It has a great splash proof housing made to be a friendly kitchen component.  The unit is really sturdy and well made.   We like it and think it is great!  This should simplify the life of the cook as these new gadgets are made available.

Makes a great gift for any kitchen lover, cook, culinary student or food lover that cooks.

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