Super Greens

Super Greens have a super blend of organically-grown grasses, nutrient rich sprouted grains, green vegetables and leaves.  This densely rich super nutrient blend awakens the body with more than 125 easily absorbed vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. The greens are highly concentrated in a 20 to 1 ratio eliminating acid wastes from the body immediately.

Ideal Use:   I use one teaspoon per one liter (quart of water).  It makes a pH friendly, nutrient-dense, alkalizing and energizing drink on the go!  You can feel the pick up from this wonderful drink.  It is very green, all organic  and natural.  If you do not prefer the strong tasting drink they also have the supplements available as well.

Expense: You can expect to pay $1.40+ per serving of greens, $4.40 per day on an aggressive plan of 3 times per day.  You can learn more about the product line as well as order the product online by clicking here for the Innerlight website.

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  1. Vivan Demar says:

    Thanks for the information just ordered. Love the site too.

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