Wellness Factor

In determining your food sources be sure to consider the wellness factor of each item you consume.  What I have done is provide a wellness factor rating on my foods on a scale from 1-10 to better determine the types of foods, nutrient levels and antioxidants in my consumption. I use ten as the highest possible rating and one as the worst.  Finding the wellness factor in your foods will better prepare you in making sounder decisions for your intake.  Finding out how the items you consume are rated will aid you on your course to healthy lifestyle incorporating healthy whole foods choices with ease.  Be Well!

If you can come up with your own system that works for you that would be great too.  Simplifying your foods on a rating scale can help you pick better, healthier choices to improve your overall health and well being.

I will be incorporating a food rating wellness factor score that I have designed in a new section that will be coming soon.  Be sure to check back in to see how the foods you eat are being ranked.  Once incorporating this simple system you can better determine how many 10 rated foods you should be consuming daily and so on to better improve your eating and overall health.  It will also include a weekly wellness factor number to better rate and determine how your eating was throughout the week.  Live Well!  Be Well!

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