Kangen Water

Kangen water is an ionized, alkalized, antioxidant rich water technology that is relatively new to American medicine.  One in 6 households in Japan and Korea have ionizers.  The American medical philosophy (which treats symptoms), as opposed to prevention through healthy decisions, has not been embraced by this measure yet and are only just learning about it now. Western mainstream doctors, research scientists, and other wellness professionals agree that maintaining a strong alkaline environment inside your body is critical to overall health and makes a substantial difference to your overall wellness.

Benefits: Having a water ionizer allows you to have an abundant source of high-pH alkaline water and minerals, whenever you need it.  You save big if you are currently buying bottled water by producing your own fresh water with your own machine as you need it.  If you aren’t buying bottled water and you are using tap water it would be smart to explore the negative health aspects of tap water so that you are better aware of the hazards.  The health benefits in the change alone will be much worth every cent of the cost of a unit.  With a water unit you can produce an abundance of fresh water at any time.  If you cannot buy one just yet and still want all the properties of the water, find a local kangen alkalized water dispensary near you and you can buy it as needed by the 5 gallons and up.  You can also find Real Water with E2 at Whole Foods which is the second closest bottled source to the machine.

Japan has used kangen water as a health food and wellness aid for years now and remains the longest living country.  The human body needs nutrients rich in alkali’s to properly process foods, make repairs and generally remain in good working order.  This type of water actually aids the body in its functions.

Kangen water has smaller molecules, which are more readily absorbed by the body.  Unprocessed bottled water, and tap water have larger water molecules which tend to pass through the body without reaching individual cells. Hydration is the key to a healthy lifestyle providing much needed cellular hydration so that everything can function efficiently.  Kangen water can rehydrate cells immediately much quicker then standard water.

The science behind ionized or alkaline water is fairly solid, the units just haven’t hit main stream yet, and are hard to find being that they are primarily sold by independent distributors and not on the shelves of main stream stores.  Unless you have a representative in your area, you may never hear or see anything about these amazing wellness machines.  There are many levels of machines available based on your family size as well as  budget.  The Best unit has more features available, while the Good and Better Unit provide only kangen, alkalized, antioxidant rich water, which is all you need to produce drinking and cooking water.  The acid water function on the Best unit is great and can save you substantially on any cleaning supplies as you can replace it with the acid water you produce from acid setting.  The Best unit also produces beauty water which you can use for your hair and face and saves you on toners you may be purchasing now.  If you haven’t heard or seen the information on this type of water do yourself a favor and research it as you will see the benefits are endless.  The water has some incredible detox properties and has also most recently been used as a detox measure for rehab centers.

Better: Enagic SUNUS – Travel Unit  ($1,500+) – Filters run $85 for annual replacement

Best: Enagic SD 501 ($3,998+) – Filters run $85 for annual replacement

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