Reading: A path to a Healthy Mind

Reading may be much better for you then you know.  Studies have found that keeping the mind active keeps it sharp and reading up to 1 time per week at least 15 minutes can aid in elevating mental sharpness.  Think of reading as a tool or exercise for the mind.  Keep the mind sharp and relaxed with a little reading each week. Whether you are picking up a book, researching on the computer, laptop, ipad or phone staying active with your reading is critical to our mental acuity and the sharpness of your mind.

Find something you love a topic you want to know more about and read.  For some, it may be a particular book, for others it may be a magazine, Newspaper, cookbook  or Business Periodical, find the niche that suits your interest and read.  You will find that when you find something you enjoy, the reading and comprehension comes Naturally.  Reading a topic of interest will make it much simpler to learn with ease and you will find you will have fun!

Reading is fun and great for your mind!

**There are also some great e-Readers out there that take the task of reading out of the equation, guiding your way through the pages without the bulk of a book.  Our best experience has been with the Barnes & Noble Nook Color, for a little under $300.  This e-Reader offers beautiful color pictures and pages, net surfing, email, pandora for music, apps and more.  The ebooks in your library are also compatible and can be accessed through any of your devices, so no matter where you are, your reading material can be available on your computer, ipad, laptop, and phone through the Barnes & Noble nook application. This unit is a great with so many functions at an affordable  low price.  The small size is very compact being larger then a phone, but smaller then a computer, laptop or ipad .  The light weight size makes it much more portable for travel then other devices available.  Protective covers run $19-60, depending on the type.  The light, portable and mobile unit will store thousands of your favorite books, magazines and newspapers with the ability to expand by adding a simple sd card.  B & N has thousands of free books.  The library access at your finger tips allows you to read books from any library without the trip or the bulk of checking out heavy books.**

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