Beauty: An Inner State of Mind

Our state of mind effects our lives, minds and our bodies, as well as the way we perceive ourselves and others.  Make sure to have an accurate take on you.  A healthy mind will always support a healthy body.  Inaccurate body image can be corrupting to our self image which make it extremely hard on our bodies and mind to see the greatness that we really are.  If we think we are fat, we will think fat, and become unattractive in our minds.  If you find there is something you need to work on, join the club, it is ok, healthy, and a normal path.  We all aspire to be better, more, and greater, but it doesn’t happen over night.  We all struggle with similar struggles and pains we impose on ourselves.  Try your best to understand where you are, how you arrived at this place and slowly make steady, sure footed changes in a positive direction. You will find that this simple acceptance will allow you to unleash your true potential and moving towards personal success.

If you find yourself participating in this negative self talk, stop yourself, identify this unhealthy state, and set new achievable and attainable goal.  Being upset about something you never change only allows this unhappiness to linger within you.  Taking action and moving forward each day in a new direction will restore you, bringing new hope and confidence to the goals you are interested in reaching.  You may find you could lose some weight but simply talking about it negatively and coming down on yourself hard, will only smash your self esteem in time, taking your power away.  You want to say its ok, and in an effort to be more healthy, I am going to implement new positive steps that are going to contribute to my success.  Simply by walking at least 3 times a week you can move positively closer to the you that you want to be.  Coming down on yourself too hard, is not constructive and can be very destructive, to our minds, body and overall health.  Remember to inspire yourself to be your best.  Incremental goals, and hard work are what make great progress.  Inspire yourself to a challenge, maybe it is drinking more water, moving more, stretching, or eating with a conscience.  Set smaller reachable goals so that you can see the power within that you have reclaiming it and taking the control back in your life.  You can always adjust to a more challenging or rigorous addition but sometimes overwhelming yourself with more then you can handle.  Nothing happened over night, and therefore it is over time implementing new lifestyle changes that will bring you the long term success you truly desire.

Every step in the right direction is a step forward!!!  Everything adds up, and eventually thrusts you closer to your goals.  Know that nothing is too good to be true for you.  You are deserving of a healthy mind, spirit and body.  No matter where you are beginning, know we all start somewhere, and move closer to where we wish to head.  As long as you are putting one foot in front of the other, and addressing your concerns you should incrementally be making positive and constructive progress every day. Break the chains of negative self talk and free your body and your mind.

We are all unique and beautiful in our own ways – Focus on all the things you LOVE about you!!!!

If you can think it, then it can be yours!

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