Creativity in the kitchen: Make magic tonight with leftover odds and ends

Ever wondered what you are going to make for dinner, but have no idea as you don’t quite have a full meal.  When you have odds and ends pull out your creativity to compose a delicious meal.  Don’t be afraid to let your creativity flow.  You can take something that you know and make it new each time with simple steps.  Lose the fear and let go.  You will find when you let go, you stumble across many recipes that would have never been, had you not run out of items.  When this happens we create many new dishes that aren’t named but have been favorites.  Once you come up with something new be sure to make a note of what you used so that you can do it again in the future.

Here was a super special dish, I made recently, before I had done my grocery shopping.  With odds and ends I put together a delicious master piece with flavor profiles I hadn’t had before.  Enjoy your food, and make it a work of art mixing textures and tastes to perfectly compliment your meal.  Seasoning and fresh herbs always adds a big help, so be sure to include fresh organic herbs in all your meals.  They can take a good dish, to great really quick!  This recipe includes organic penne pasta, fresh organic tomatoes, kidney beans, part skim ricotta cheese, micro greens, red peppers and purple onion.  I cooked the pasta, cooled it, and mixed it with a 1/2 cup ricotta, topped with kidney beans, then topped it like a salad with micro greens, fresh organic diced roma tomatoes.  It was surprisingly delicious and nutritious and VEGETARIAN.  The longest part of preparation was boiling the noodles.  You can also use left over cooked pasta noodles in the future if you have them on hand.  It was yummy and much like an Italian stirfry without the fry part.  🙂

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