Exploring your fitness with a hike

There are so many wonderful sights to view while taking in the fresh air of a morning hike.

Explore your area, and get your exercise during a hike.  There are many fitness paths near you, find out areas that you can have an outdoors day.  Find a place where you can exercise, and see some great landscape during your exercise trail.  Be sure to bring water and stay hydrated.  Trails are much fun and often difficult to climb as the terrain ebbs and flows with no particular method to its path. This rugged terrain makes a great environment to test your core strength throughout the trail while it provides a resistance measure.  A hike can help you break up the monotony of an ordinary day, refreshing you with a clear view and fresh air.  The expanse outdoors are great for clearing your mind and taking the steam off the busy week.  Enjoy nature and plan and outdoors day.

**Packing a simple lunch and planning a hike is a great way to enjoy your exercise and the beauty of nature that surrounds us.**

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