How to Make: Healthy Honey Orange Lip Moisturizer

The harsh summer weather tends to bring along hot drying weather that can be tough on lips.  Make your own Honey Orange Lip Balm, to keep the cracked chapped lips at bay.  These simple to follow steps will guide you from raw ingredients to a small supply of lip balm, for you and your family during the summer months.  If you only have the supplies for less cut the supply in 1/2,  if you desire to make more, as gifts, simply double the recipe to the quantity and size fitting for your project.  It is a wonderful way to cut the cost of buying lip balm from retailers without sparing the raw organic quality ingredients. You end up getting much more for the money.  With the costs of what a lip balm or lip moisturizer costs you can get all the ingredients for 6 Tubes stretching your dollars further.

Project Time: 15-20 Minutes (including melting and cooling time)


1 Tablespoons or 1 oz raw organic beeswax
1 Tablespoons raw organic coconut oil
1 Tablespoons raw organic shea butter
1 Tablespoon Raw Organic Orange Blossom Honey
6 Lip balm containers (found in your health food or container stores).

When looking for the lip balm containers keep in mind there are usually 2 kinds, the traditional lip balm stick type, and the small circles that hold a good amount that are in circular little jars.  Most all health food stores, beauty department, will have some type of natural or non-toxic type container.  The preference is yours.  If you have a large family these make great gifts and can be used by all.

Combine all ingredients into a double broiler on the stove top.  If you don’t have one, don’t worry you can use a container that can sit in a pan of water and it will work just the same.  You want to heat the lip balm mixture over low heat.  It shouldn’t take very long to melt all ingredients down, turn off once melted together.  Stir with wooden spoon while it melts.   You can spoon in the mixture into the empty lip balm containers one at a time.  Depending on the size of your containers you can either measure the amount out and into each, or you can do it by sight.

If using small beauty jars (most common containers) be sure to  wash and sterilize inner surface with alcohol.  Upon cooling and drying, fill container with mixture.  Let cool and then put lid on after cools.  This will harden up and be ready for your user to apply.  The next time it opens they open it.  You can box and wrap it with a bow and it makes a beautiful gift.

**I usually take a  small organic woven basket (like you would see as a favor at a wedding) put a piece of tissue inside with, 3 jars or,  3 sticks (depending on which ones I have on hand), and then I wrap a pretty bow around it, and its gorgeous and looking like a boutique gift.  The recipients always love them, and they go over really wonderfully.  I save a ton on hand made gifts that people actually use and its great to be able to create and it make something loved by others.

For empty Lip tubes (like chapstick or other stick products) – You can find empties or blanks at your local health food store in the beauty section.  You want to call your local health food store or local pharmacy to find out if they carry them – some do – some don’t – so what -. You want the mixture to dry and cool. Once fully cooled it may shrink down allowing more space – weather makes this part vary from place to place.  You want to refill the unit in any spots that have shrunk. Let cool.  Cap and seal.  If you want to decorate the outside with anything this would be the time.  You can then package the tubes up for gifts.

Allow them to dry and harden, cap them and they are ready for using and gift giving.  Your lip balm should smell good like honey and oranges.  You can also add any essential oil of choice into the recipe.  Makes a great home made lip moisturizer.  Great for gift giving to friends and family.  I wrap mine with pieces of artwork and a cute bow and pass them out to family and friends every year.  They usually go over so well that I get requests for hire as gifts.

** Of all the organic perfect lip moisturizers out there, this is one is hands down, one of my favorite lip moisturizers.  I eagerly look forward to making them every summer.**

I think this recipe is set apart from others due to the small batches.  The smaller batches allow for a better end product.

I love this moisturizer so much that I use it under my gloss or lip color all year long.  I mix and match different pairs of essential oils to get different scent combinations.  A quick fun and affordable way to moisturize your lips.  Make yours today!

**Great gift giving ideas**

Store Ingredient List for:  Making Honey Orange Lip Moisturizer:

1 Tablespoons or 1 oz raw organic beeswax
1 Tablespoons raw organic coconut oil
1 Tablespoons raw organic shea butter
1 Tablespoon Raw Organic Orange Blossom Honey
6 Lip balm containers (found in your health food or container stores)
Essential Oils of choice (optional – great for making different kinds)

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