Organic Grain Fed Buffalo with Roasted Garlic, Green Beans & Lemon Tomato Brown Rice Pilaf

(10 Item Recipe)
(Carnivore Recipe)

Serves: 4
Cooking Time:  15-20 Minutes

2 lbs Buffallo Grass Fed Steak (4 Steaks -Small to Medium size)
2 Tablespoons of Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1/2 lb of Fresh Organic Green Beans
1/2 lb Brown Organic Rice
1/4 Cp Organic Lemon Juice or 4 Lemons juiced
1/2 Cp Organic Tomatoes
Ground Pepper to taste
Sea Salt to taste
Fresh Peeled Garlic Bulb, minced or diced in tiny slices
*Fresh Seasonal herbs, minced for aromatic topping when meat is done**

Preheat pan.  Place olive oil in pan.  Rub steaks with olive oil, sea salt, pepper and minced garlic.  Cook each side for 2 minutes (add more or less time depending on the thickness of your meat).  Wash and dry green beans blanche in cold water once begins boiling.  Green bean should be served al dente and not soggy to hold the nutritive values.  Cook brown rice 2 cps of water to one cup of rice.  Add sea salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil to make the perfect brown sticky rice.  You can use a rice cooker or a good old fashion pot to cook the rice in.  Both work great and both take the same amount of time to cook.  Rice cooker is more convenient because you can set it and forget it, while the stove top rice is more involved and you have to watch it to keep it from sticking to the bottom.  When rice is 1/2 way done throw in the fresh organic tomatoes.  When rice is done fluff up and pour squeezed organic lemon juice on rice,    mix well. Serve all while still hot.

**Be sure to check the cooking time recommended for the rice as different brands have different recommended cook times.*


Shopping List for:  Buffallo Steak with Roasted Garlic, Green Beans and Rice Pilaf:

Buffallo Grass Fed Steak (2lbs)
Fresh Organic Green Beans (1/2 Lb)
Organic Brown Rice (1/2 lb)
Lemon Juice (1/4 Cp or 4 Lemons Squeezed)
Organic Tomatoes (Grape or Roma – 1/2 Cup)
Extra Virgin Olive Oil (2 Tablespoons)
Organic Garlic (2 Bulbs)
Ground Pepper to taste
Sea Salt to taste
Fresh herbs in season  – Optional (cilantro, mint, chives, etc. minced for aromatic topping)

**Pairs Nicely with some fresh organic artisan bread and organic wine**

Organic wine recommendation:  Vida Organica Organic Argentinean Wines (Familia Zuccardi Torrontes Vida Organica)


The recommended Organic wine was Vida Organica which is an Argentinean Organic Wine

About Argentina and wine:

Fifth in the world for wine production, Argentina is catching up in the quality wine sector. They have been producing wine for a long time.  Argentina used to make wine in order to drink it, not export it. And so the wines produced were rustic and made for the local’s everyday dinner. Yet it’s hard not to get caught up in the wine market of the world and some winemakers decided it was time for Argentina to show their stuff. Better wine making technology was brought in, new wine making techniques were learned and good viticulture practices flourished. The result? World-class wines with unique style and variety.

**I was very impressed with the Vida Organica at only $7 a bottle at Whole Foods. Well worth it with just enough sweet notes.**

Notable Facts

Argentina’s vineyards are spread out all around the country. The best region area is Mendoza, almost parallel to Santiago to the west. Mendoza has sub-regions Maipu (pronounced MY-pu) and San Rafael. The most made is white Chardonnay, making wine similar to California’a style on the variety. Our favorite grape is the Torrontes. Almost only grown in Argentina, Torrontes wines are crisp, aromatic and easy to drink.  Some of the best versions of this type come from the northern region of Salta.  Salta is known for its high altitude vineyards. The reds, Cabernet Sauvignon is the main grape for many wines leaving the country, but Malbec, the grape Argentinians like to call their own, makes very unique wines that are structured, dense and velvety. Many more varieties grow abound, but for export, and consistent quality, these are the primary grapes used.

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