Healthy Whole Wheat Noodle with Chicken Breast, Carrots & Quinoa

You are going to love this Chicken Noodle makeover.  This simple recipe will be featured in our recipe section.  Be sure to check it out.

If you are looking for the perfect nutrient packed chicken noodle soup for you and your family, then this may be just what you have been looking for.  Spring and summer time is a great time for nutrient dense soups, especially , when the seasons begin to change. Depending on your climate you may want to serve it hot, warm or room temperature.

Warm your heart and tummy with this amazing and deliciously healthy Whole Wheat Chicken Noodle With Chicken Breast, Carrots and Organic Red Quinoa.  Fast preparation makes this perfect meal quick and balanced.

**Keep in mind that although packaged soups are convenient, many brands are ladened with extra UN-needed sodium and preservatives that will only lead to extra water retention, built up toxicity, and unwanted additional pounds.  Be sure to look at the contents of any store brand soup, as it is the extra junk they add that makes it unhealthy.  The beauty of  a fresh soup is not only the incredible aroma it provides as it wafts through the kitchen, but also the ability to control its ingredients including fats, sodium and preservatives.  With a home made soup you can control the salt and spices making it perfect every time, not too mention the huge savings on your wallet.  Get more for less and make it your way including seasonal veggies you enjoy most**

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