Body Type Chart

A body type chart is a chart used to show the various body types.  Be aware that depending on your type you may have different challenges then other types.  Knowing your type ensures you know your body and its ability to gain and lose and how it does so.

Be sure to find your body type and know what your body is likely to do during weight gain.  Part of who we are is our body type.  Knowing your body type will help you make better choices that will metabolize easier for you and your type.  Some people are pencils no matter what they eat, however, those body types are at risk for being over fat and having a body consistency that is on the dangerous side.  If you eat anything because you can, it doesn’t mean that inside is healthy and happy.

If you know that you gain in the mid section fast, you will want to pick healthy low fat snacks, low in carbs so that the dangerous around the waist weight doesn’t creep upon you over time.  You may want to also focus on core strength when you exercise working on the areas most difficult for you and your type. If you are at the end of the chart like a 9 you may find you gain very easily but don’t eat much.  You will find that balancing out your eating habits to 3 sensible meals low in fat and carbs plus two snacks, eating every 2 to 3 hours, will lean you out to where you should be.  There is an answer for every body type and every type has special needs.  Learn your type so that you can reclaim your health and customize and implementing lifestyle changes that will be positively beneficial, and successful for you.

Those closer to the 9 will need more exercise and burning of the right foods then those on the opposite spectrum.  Those on the opposite side like the 1 will need to be sure to consume lean protein and more balanced calorie meals.  Just because you can eat anything doesn’t mean your body is happy and healthy inside.  Be aware of your body type and be proud to be the unique being you are.  We are all different and that is one of the amazing things that makes us so special and unique.

**This chart was featured on the Dr. Oz show describing all the body types at length – Know your type so you can do your body good**

I will be adding some new articles on the specific body types, be sure to come back to learn more about eating right for your body type.

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  1. Awesome info. Thanks for the post. I have added your RSS to my RSS Feed Account. I will gladly post a trackback upon comment approval.

    1. Thank you for visiting our site. We appreciate your kindness and hope you return again soon. Have a lovely day and week!. Wishing you great love, health and happiness today and always!

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