Bulk Buying – The ins and outs and why it is such a great thing!


The simple facts are that bulk buying, saves you, the store, and the manufacturer for extra, costly and unnecessary packaging which ends up being pressed upon the end user.  When you buy bulk you have the opportunity customize your buying, to as little, or as much as you want and need, always getting just the right amount.  Sometimes larger sizes offer us only the super size as a choice, however, when you buy bulk,  you do the measurements, determining exactly what is needed for your household.  Bulk offerings are usually organically grown, however, if it is not clearly labeled be sure to ask.   You will be surprised how many places are carrying bulk buying options now and how much you can save by purchasing your items this way.  Cutting back on the packaging also brings the pricing to you at a substantially lower price then other costly prepackaged brands.

The bulk buying bins usually have some great pre-made options as well allowing  you to make some great inexpensive meals like black bean soup, black bean taco mix, veggie taco mix, veggie burger mix, falaffel mix, hummus mix and more.  Be sure you are informed so you know what your local frequented stores have to offer. These bulk buying offers allow you to get more product for your money spending every bit of the cost on product and none on advertising and packaging.

Stock up on your standard staples.  With bulk buying you can buy more when its on sale of the staple items you use frequently.  I always like to have Quinoa on hand in both white and red as it is a simple addition to any meal adding great protein that will fuel my day through.  Steel Cut Oats are another must, I always have around so that making a nutritious and delicious breakfast is just a cook away.  Make Quinoa and Steel Cut Oats staples in your home, incorporating these nutritious items in your diet right away.  You can have it plain, in soups, sauces and more.  Learn how to make quinoa in ways that are friendly to your family.  Steel Cut oats are a great snack that help regulate blood sugar all day long.  Start your day with a nice bowl of oats.  You can top them with soy milk or other non-dairy creamer, you can also add some raw sugar or drizzle with honey, agave or maple.

What you can expect when bulk buying: You will have to bag or package the amount you want, you will also be tagging the bag with the skew number so that the teller can identify the item at checkout.  Many healthy food stores even have fresh peanut butter, or fresh ground  peanut butter with chocolate chips.  It will grind the butter from fresh peanuts as you wait.  You can also find honey at a great value in bulk if your bulk selling bins offer bulk liquids.

Look into the store near you and see what you can find and start saving right away.

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