Adzuki Bean

Adzuki beans are a great choice as they are much easier on our systems to digest then other beans and are naturally lower in fat then others.
Adzuki beans come packed rich in protein, complex carbs, iron and soluble fiber.  With one cup of Adzuki beans you get between 10-12 grams of  fiber. Wow!

Cooking: Cooking Adzuki beans will take a while usually about 2 hours of boiling works perfectly.  If you have a pressure cooker it will go much quicker in about 30 minutes or less.

Making Adzuki beans great: There are so many ways to make these Adzuki beans great and all parts of the world use these beans so differently.  I have provided  several versions to help you explore new flavors each time.  Adding peeled cubes of  winter squash during the last 30 minutes adds a nice texture and flavor to the beans.  Another way is to prepare an oriental version by adding a Teaspoon of organic tamari and Teaspoon of barley malt, then making some plain brown rice on the side.  My personal favorite use of Adzuki Beans is in rice patties.  Simply take the brown rice, sauteed scallions, celery and mushrooms to make healthy and delicious rice patty. These make great nutritious snacks that you can eat anytime.

In Asian cuisine the adzuki bean is oftenly found sweetened. They boil the beans with sugar, making a red bean paste. They also flavor the paste.

Here is a commonly eaten Matcha Muffin made with sweetened Adzuki beans

You will see the paste used all over the world in slight variations each recipe .  The Chinese use Red bean paste in popular Chinese dishes. The Japanese use it mostly as a filling in sweets and desserts. Another very popular way is in red bean soup, adding salt and sugar with the beans.

A delicious way to eat the beans are also RAW and sprouted.  You can blanch, boil or serve them in a hot tea drink. Adzuki beans are also used to produce a popular flavor of ice cream called amanatto.

Most recently in 2009 Pepsi Japan released a new drink  Azuki-flavored.  The bean is now used as a soft drink flavor.

**Adzuki beans can be found in the packaged bean section or in the bulk section of your health food store.  For the most affordable Adzuki beans buy the store brand or bulk and you will get more value for the money.  If you are looking for Adzuki beans delivered to your home you can go to for a great selection of bulk dry goods.  They sell one pack or a case based on your needs.**

You may see Adzuki beans referred to Adzuki or Azuki beans both are correct and used in different parts of the world.

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