Exploring the nutritious sea vegetable Arame

Arame is a specie of seaweed most commonly seen in Japan and Japanese cuisine. Arame is super high in Calcium, Iodine and Potassium, but also has vitamin A.  Arame is also a great source of minerals. Typically seen in the states in a dried state, Arame quickly rehydrates in about 5 minutes or less when soaked in purified, alkalized, antioxidant rich drinking water.  Arame comes in dark, firm textured brown strands, producing a wonderfully mild, sweet flavor.

Typically Uses: Once rehydrated Arame has many uses. Some eat it alone like lettuce, others like it in dishes or as a garnish or side to a meal.  When used in a dish it is typically used in salads, marinated dishes, as well as seaweed dishes.

Best Uses: The use of Arame is great when added to other foods.  From casseroles, soups, salads, pilafs and more.  As it is a mild sea vegetable and not over powering it is easily compatible with many dishes.

How to soak: Rinse seaweed thoroughly.  Soak for 10 minutes before cooking.  Depending on the use you may be using it raw in a salad or cooked.  If cooking simmer no more then 15-20 minutes.

Best Preparations and combos: My most favorite way to eat Arame is soaking then simmering it with tamari, lemon juice and rice wine (mirin) until tender.  When done top with toasted sesame seeds making a delicious and nutritious salad or side.

Pairs nicely with: If you are using Arame as a side dish it goes great with fish, grains, vegetables, beans, in salads or into noodles.  It also works very well when put in stir-fry meals.

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