Simple crafts: Making Paper Roses

Often times it is the simplest gifts of the heart that are more memorable then retail items.  These roses are a simple affordable craft that only require a few basic items.

Needed Supplies:

Red or Pink crinkled streamer paper (the inexpensive type used for Birthdays or parties)

A pencil or object to use for curling

Florist tape

White Glue

Leaves (from craft store)


You will need to begin with a leave with a bendable piece of wire to begin each flower.  You take the florist tape which is green to wrap around the stem of the flower you are making keeping it green.  Next you want to cut out a heart shape from the streamer paper to form your petals.  Each flower should have a minimum of 10 petals, however, you can add more or less based on the size of the rose you wish to make.  Take your 10 petals and curl the petals with a pencil so that your petals are curled like a real rose would look, curling them away from you.  Once the petals are curled, you are going to take one at a time and wrap the florist tape at the bottom around securing the base of your petal to the stem.  Each petal will need another wrap around the flowers stem to secure the paper in place.  Once the petals are secured you want to wrap around twice with the florist tape keeping it in place.  You will then use a bit of white glue to secure the florist tape to the stem where the wrap ends to ensure it is locked into place.  This will help your rose so that you do not lose petals.  When you are done and have the rose completed you can rework any curling of the petals to look more life like.  When completed you can bend the stem wire into a curl or leave it straight depending on how you plan to use it.  These flowers look great around the house in cups or vases and make perfect little tokens of LOVE to pass out to those you love.  The finished product will very based on how much curling and the degree of tightness of your wrap.  Every rose is unique and makes each one very special.

**You can use any color of streamer you can also get reversible streamer paper like i did with red and pink so that when the petals curl you see some of both colors throughout the rose**

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    1. Thank you. Stunning much like you! I found these are so fun to make and I now use recycled materials. I will collect paper that would otherwise go in the trash and recycle it into beautiful one of a kind roses. It reduces waste and reinvents something that would otherwise be garbage. Before getting creative with the recycling I was buying the paper to make them. Recycling makes them without a cost and they make lovely little gifts for friends and family. They also add a nice touch to a room. I have a bowl of them looking at me now and they do make me smile! Have a wonderful week sweetheart, until next time. 🙂

    2. Thank you sweetie! They are so easy and fun too. I love making these and giving them out. I used recycled materials now instead of the crate paper. The recycled paper is free too. Another benefit.

  1. So green of you! You should have your own talk show.

    1. I love these simple crafts. There are so many simple and easy ways to make simple crafts that are green, affordable and super fun. They are cheaper then real flowers and last a long time, although I do love real flowers also. These just don’t die. So glad you enjoyed this and thanks for the compliments I do appreciate all that you are and do. YOU ARE AMAZING!!!!!!

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