What is…Date Puree & How to use it as a healthy sweetener

Date puree is a wonderful alternative to sugar or other sweeteners.  Date puree is simply made by simmering dates and purified water into a syrup like consistency.  Making your own date puree is quick and fun.  Date puree can be used as a sweetener providing an alternative to your other sweetener sources.  This incredible puree can be used in anything you would typically sweeten with sugar.  You can also substitute the date puree to add a delicious rich flavor to any and all recipes including food and beverages like iced tea.  It also makes a great marinade, and or dressing when recipe calls for sugar.

Making Date Puree:

Take dates and remove pits.  Simmer pit free dates in water until tender.  Take dates and blend in food processor until well blended.  Add cooking liquid from simmering if needed to get the right consistency.  It is then ready to add to recipes.  You can also cut 1/2 the sugar and add 1/2 date puree 1/2 vegan cane sugar making a healthier version of any dessert or sweet.  You can also use this puree as a syrup for breakfast foods, crepe’s and more.

*A healthy alternative to other unhealthy sweeteners*

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  1. hannahnow says:

    I love dates. I’m going to try this. Thanks!

    1. Dates are fantastic for you and a super way to get your sweets in. Enjoy. Thanks so much for stopping by.

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