Healthy Glowing Skin For All Ages

Many foods can provide that fresh, healthy, and glowing look by delivering nutrients to the skin.  Increase these foods in your diet and you too will have that healthy glow.  The top foods for Glowing Skin and a Healthy Complexion are: Organic Carrots, Oranges, Cucumbers, White Tea, and Blueberries, Asparagus, Lemon, Alkalized Water, Cantaloupe, spinach and wild salmon.

Organic Carrots –  These are loaded with the antioxidant vitamin A, which is responsible for pH of the skin.  This light acid wards bacteria.  The ideal pH of the skin is slightly acidic with a pH safe range of 5.4 – 5.9.  Great ways to get your carrots in are by cutting them up in advance on the weekend so you have fresh carrot sticks all week.  I take a standard 2.0 – 2.5 lb bag.  I wash them and cut them up into sticks that I eat all week long.  Having them around makes it easier to get them in.  I also love making fresh raw organic carrot juice.  If you haven’t tried carrot juice make sure you do.  My most favorite is carrot, apple and ginger juice.  Carrot apple is another sweet and delicious favorite.

Organic Oranges – This time of year the sun begins to heat up, be sure to pick up some oranges for your skin.  Oranges are high in flavanone.  Oranges have this naturally occurring flavanone called Naringenin which can help protect your skin against UV Rays.  Getting your oranges in for a snack, fresh squeezed oranges or incorporated into your foods will help protect your skin and your glow this Spring. One of my favorite ways to incorporate oranges into my diet are by adding them to a salad.  Find the way that works best for you and get those oranges in.

Organic Cucumbers – Be sure to pick some cucumbers up the next time you are out to your local farmer’s market or Healthy Grocery Store.  Cucumbers are very low in calories but very nutrient rich.  Cucumbers are packed with antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.  Cucumbers are great for the skin and complexion as they contain caffeic acid and Vitamin C.  These antioxidants are wonderful for the skin.  They can be topically applied to help with wrinkles and any sun damage you may have collected over the years.  Vitamin C is a booster when it comes to Collagen production and Elastin.  Collagen and Elastins are what are responsible for keeping our skin youthful.  Caffeic acid helps protect the skin from UV radiation.  For topical application simply wash, slice and refrigerate slices.

White Tea – New studies are showing that white tea extract provides anti-inflammatory properties slowing the breakdown of collagen.  Collagen is responsible for keeping your skin firm and wrinkle free. White tea has been found to be the strongest at 90% protection against collagen and elastin breakdown.  Additional benefits of white tea are also known to breakdown fat.  White tea is made from the early buds and leaves.  White tea is less processed then black or green tea which leaves it the leader in active compounds.  The compounds are thought to influence fat cell metabolism reducing belly fat.  Have some tea today!

Organic Blueberries – Blueberries are micronutrient rich, with many essential vitamins minerals, such as vitamin c, vitamin B6, manganese, vitamin K and fiber.  Blueberries are also low on the glycemic index, making this fruit a low sugar food.  Blueberries are rich in anthocyanins, antioxidants, polyphenol antioxidants, proantocyanidin, and phytochemicals which have been thought to reduce cell development of cancers and inflammation.  Blueberries have also been reported to alleviate cognitive decline of alzheimers and other conditions.   Blueberries have also been reported to relax blood vessels aiding in stabilizing blood pressure, reducing cholesterol, as well as reducing heart disease.  Most recent studies has found that regular intake of blueberries, or blueberry juice to enhance memory and learning in adults, as well as reduce symptoms of depression.

Organic Cantaloupe – Cantaloupes are a great source of Vitamin C, as well as polyphenol antioxidants, which are thought to provide benefits to the immune system, as well as cardiovascular system by the regulation of nitric oxide.  This key chemical has been known to promote the health of the endothelium.

Asparagus – Asparagus is a low sodium, low calorie food.  Asparagus has a great source of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin a, vitamin c, vitamin e, vitamin B6, calcium, magnesium, zinc, thiamin, riboflavin, niacin, folic acid, iron, potassium, copper, rutin, phosphorus, chromium, selenium, and the amino acid asparagine.  The chromium content is a wonderful trace mineral that enhances insulin in transporting glucose from the bloodstream and into the cells.  Asparagus is also very cleansing and healing to the body.  Studies have reported the high folate levels  being key in lowering homcysteine, helping those with cardiovascular disease.  Folate has also been critical to pregnant women in protecting against neural tube defects in babies.  The rich vitamin c in asparagus aids the body in collagen production, the protein of the body’s connective tissue.  Asparagus is also a great natural diuretic, which neutralizes ammonia, protecting small blood vessels from rupture, while also increasing energy.  The fiber content aids in the bodies elimination process serving as a natural laxative as well.

Wild salmon – Wild salmon is a great source of protein, carotenoids, vitamin D, as well as high in omega -3 fatty acids.  Wild salmon has been high in DHA and EPA omega -3’s, which are important to brain function.  The carotenoids found in wild salmon are astaxantin, and canthaxanthin.

Spinach – Spinach is highly nutritious and very rich in antioxidants, especially fresh and raw.  It is a great source of vitamin c, vitamin e, vitamin a, vitamin k, magnesium, folate, iron, vitamin B2, calcium, vitamin B6, potassium, folic acid, protein, zinc, niacin, selenium, copper, rubiscolins and omega 3 fatty acids.

Lemon – Lemons are high in vitamin c, and posess a natural diuretic properties, which aid in eliminating toxins from the body.

Alkalized antioxidant water – Water is important to the body to avoid dehydration.  Water intake aids in healthy kidney function, and is also beneficial in eliminating toxins from the body as well as aiding weight loss and constipation.

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