The Importance of Whole Grain Foods

Keeping whole grain Foods in your diet that are naturally low in fat, cholesterol, and saturated fat, have been thought to reduce the risk of heart disease and other cancers.  Keeping your whole grain Foods as well as plant foods in your diet will help your heart, and reduce your risk of heart related illnesses.  You would be surprised that so many of your cooking favorites can be easily swapped out without even tasting different.  Get your whole grains in and learn new ways to incorporate them into your every day life.  One of my favorite way to substitute whole grains is with whole grain flours for recipes that call for standard white flour.  When the opportunity arises you can also add in additional dimensions to a recipe by adding particular designated flavor profiles.  For Example Whole Grain Barley Flour has a mildly sweet, nut like flavor profile.  Barley flour goes exceptionally well in baked goods and adds an infused dimension of nuts, without the nuts.  You can find your whole grains in the bulk section of your grocery store, or go online to, which is a great resource if you are looking for an online option.  Bob’s Red Mill has single portions as well as cases of various grains and more.  I typically get the cost down by finding a couple friends that want a bag or two and we all share the cost and get the lowest pricing without breaking the wallet.

**See RECIPES posted for:  Whole Wheat Ravioli Made with a Whole wheat and Barley Flour mix.  The stuffing is a chicken, basil, espresso, parmesan mixture*

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  1. Joe says:

    As a vegetarian for 12 years and a former Whole Foods Market Team Member for five years, I think this book is a great representation of what Whole Foods Market food is about. As a former TM , I can assure you that though some Whole Foods focus of the company when it comes to food. Full flavor, small producers, specialty items, and natural ingredients are what WFM food is about. The recipes have a great range of appealing and tested recipes with strong vegetable components and an international flavor palette. The recipes are quite accessible for the intended audience and aren’t overly complicated or long–they focus on getting the best out of fresh ingredients with a minimum of fuss. This is where home cooking should be going. There may be ingredients that are not in average home pantries, but as a WFM, that’s as it should be. There are lots of vegetarian and vegan recipes, as well as healthy meat meals for all to enjoy. Even the meat recipes give tips on how the meal can be used for non-meat eaters which is helpful. For those with a little trepidation in approaching unfamiliar ingredients, there is a great health information provided as well as some nice menu suggestions. Good, honest food with natural ingredients, broad appeal, and recipes you’ll be proud to serve to guests and give away to friends. A winner.

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