Good Mood News – Heart Warmer

With the world in a state of constant flux and the age of technology we really need to seek harder to find positive GOOD NEWS.  There are so many tragedies and negative reports that sometimes it greatly effects the way we feel and the way we think.  Take a few minutes each day to search for GOOD NEWS, for stories of hope and heart.  You will find that there are many wonderfully positive stories as well as people, and unfortunately they aren’t told enough.

This week story I heard about was a heart warmer and I hope you too can learn to find constructive, motivating and positive stories to combat the negativity that constantly attempts to surround us all.  Looking for the positive light that radiates, is always there to be found.  When you find uplifting and heart warming stories, be sure to  share them with those you love and care for and you will see that you can be a part of the good in the world!  You will see that the seeking the positive will uplift your spirits leaving you with a warmed heart.

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