Buying organic affordably

Buying organic may feel like just another task on your list of things to think of.  The best most economical way to approach organic buying is to familiarize yourself with your health food store nearest you.  I prefer Whole Foods as a first choice and Trader Joe’s second (Due to their smaller selection, and limited organic options).  Be sure to ask if your local health food store has a store brand.  Whole Foods carries a 365 branded  items in plenty of foods and other option selections that can considerably drop your costs down.  The cost is always way down from the big brands and the ingredients always identical or better.  See for yourself the next time you go to pick anything up, see if they have their own store brand, if so you will see that many items are exact ingredients and considerably less on the budget.  Another great store for organic store branded foods is Trader Joe’s.  They are my second choice as their stores are a bit smaller and selection of organic items is less- Great value with everything $2-3, I do love this about the place).  Start looking and saving, as you compare the big brands with the smaller store brands which can cut your food bill as you implement these new steps immediately.  Almost everything I buy I have the option for a 365 branded Whole Foods option, or bulk buy organic item put on by the store.  Bulk buying also allows you to purchase only the amount you need, rather then being stuck with the large size box of something and the looming costs involved.  If you are looking to save on cooking spices Trader Joe’s has a great selection of store brand spices at 1/2 the price.  Depending on the items needed the stores are both great places to go.


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