Community Activities

Look around and get involved.  All communities have different things going on throughout the year.  Look around your local area to see the bounty it offers.  Sometimes you may not have the extra disposable income to do fun things regularly, however, changing the scenery and getting involved with local fun activities can be just the type of rejuvenation your spirit needs to refresh and renew you.

If you have a local shopping plaza near by check in with them they typically do fun events and customer appreciation gestures that are enjoyable ways to get out and about with free goodies involved.  Check your local health food stores as food tasting, art exhibition, new product launches, food demos, guest speakers, and other fun are always taking place.  Just recently our store had a car demo at it and for test driving a green vehicle we all received a $40 Whole Foods Gift Card.  Finding out what your community offers has perks.  There are many food tasting events in front of Whole Foods and other health food stores that go on giving you a social opportunity to mingle and enjoy some new seasonal foods you may otherwise not try. I always seem to learn something new when I attend these events.

Recently our local store displayed some beautiful cranberries in their fountain dropping by and seeing the beautifully colored cranberries in this display were quite beautiful and yet so simple.  Look around and you may be surprised what you see… there is beauty around us in so many things.  Go out and take a break from your fast paced lifestyle and mix it up.  Find out what your community offers today and be sure to…..

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