Pet Positive Health Benefits

There are many ways pets can aid you in a healthy life

Pets can improve the health of  their owners in many ways both physically and emotionally.  Pets are loyal and provide great companionship, as well as friendship to their owners.  After a tiring day at the office, pet owners embrace the love their pets share and feel loved unconditionally as your dog, cat or other animals greet you home.  A pets love is endless as they love and nurture their owners without conditional stipulations.  The love of a pet is a very pure and a true love one to be thankful for.

After over 25 years of continual research evidence points to pets improving the health of their owners.  The most common benefits to the pet owners have been, lowered stress and anxiety, lowered blood pressure, bolstered immunity, lower incidence of depression,  more social positives when out and about with a pet walking, as well as emotionally stabilizing.  The act of petting an animal after a long day has been found to be very therapeutic physically and emotionally giving love and receiving it back with that big slobbering kiss your pooch sinks on you.  Studies have also revealed that animals possess a quality enabling them to lessen the grieving process as well as traumatic experiences.  They have most recently showcased the help animals have provided to our wounded warriors as they return home from war and learn to re-aclimate and assimilate back into society.  Animals have also been aiding the terminally ill as well as those who have experienced severe trauma, such as the loss of a loved one.  Animals have been found to improve the spirits and improve the emotional state of humans.

Enjoy your animals and they too will return the favor.  The companionship they provide and build over time is quite amazing and invigorating to the body and mind.  The reduced levels of stress they provide make pet ownership a healthy option!

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