Heart Warmer: Can’t we all just get along? – Embracing LOVE for all kinds!

Ever see something that just warms your heart?  This adorable little video is bound to brighten any day.  If you are an animal lover take a moment to view this quick little video to see such an adorable sight.

Regardless of your size, where you are from, your race, religion, or just who you are, we all could learn something from this unlikely pair.  If these two from such different worlds can find kindness and embrace it, without judgment of their difference, or conditions to their contact, then we all can too. I hope you enjoy this and that it too warms your heart as well.

Seeking stories of love and kindness rather then negative news can really pep up your day and lift your spirits. Be sure to take time to explore and share stories of kindness and joy, and you will quickly see that your outlook will be filled with positivity and hope. Enjoy!

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