Saving Energy & Reducing Waste

  • Saving Energy & Reducing Waste

    • Be sure to use your computer’s energy-saving settings when your not using it, and turn off your monitor at the conclusion of every day.
    • When your not using your electronics unplug them.  Understanding the energy use of mobile device chargers will help you use up less electricity when they’re not charging your phone or other devices.
    • Use fans during the hot months, and open windows to get the air circulating reducing the use of air conditioning. The fresh air circulating will cool your space consuming less energy than with your air-conditioning running.
    • Installation of motion sensors on lights, especially in high use areas to aid in the reduction of energy consumption.
    • Look into your local electric utility companies  green power program, signing up for clean, renewable energy when available. Referring to the EPA’s Green Power Locator will help you find the programs available in your area.
    • Make a concerted effort to reduce energy waste. Learn your household and business’ carbon footprint with a tool like the incredible Carbon Concierge. There are also many offsets from many resources such as, Bonneville Environmental Foundation or TerraPass.  Learn about the resources available to aid in the reduction of energy use.
  • Ways to Reduce Waste

    • Anything that can reduce waste should be a priority.  Be sure to print only what you need.  Check your printer settings to use double-sided printing as your default option. Use recycled paper options and learn about Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper to contribute to the reduction of waste in your life. In your kitchen or office, eliminate disposable dishware with ceramic, glass  and dishware.
    • Contribute to Reuse. Recycling, donating and reselling unwanted items will also help reduce waste giving items a new life cycle. Look into and start buying refilled printer and toner cartridges rather then buying new. Find recycling centers for cartridges near you.  My area provides $3 for every recycled unit we bring in which pays for ink and saves on needless waste. Reuse and recycle packaging materials.  Spread the word and let people know that you’re reusing packing materials and contributing  to protect the environment.  So many people don’t know how, and many will appreciate your recycling efforts.
    • Recycle. Look into your area for your city or county website recycling programs. Many areas offer free pick-up of items you wouldn’t expect, like furniture, computers and other equipment. Find recycling services and locations in your area.  A great place to locate these services can be found  at Earth911.

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  1. Great articles and super information.

  2. Such helpful reading. Great articles and information.

  3. Love the information and the food is incredible. Made some of the recipes recently and they were just delicious. Thank you for providing such a great place for us all.

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