Positive health benefits of Indoor Plants & Flowers

There are many positive health benefits to having house plants.  House plants produce oxygen and have been known to contribute to a relaxing zen environment.  Most recent research has shown many additional health benefits outside of oxygen production including, reducing stress, fighting and warding off colds, aiding in the removal of airborne contaminants, and helping eliminate headaches.

  • Plants and your wellness: Due to the increasing levels of humidity produced by plants and the decrease in dust, indoor house plants have been shown to reduce cold-related illnesses by more than 30%.
  • Reducing and removing indoor contaminants: Indoor plants help remove indoor pollutants including VOC’s that have been linked to nausea, and headaches. By breathing indoor recycled air, we are breathing in many harmful substances trapped inside our homes.  By incorporating house plants into your healthy home regimen, you can help remove and filter many indoor contaminants right away.
  • Reducing and eliminating headaches with house plants: Stale, trapped recycled air can contribute to headaches.  Keeping indoor plants in the home you can decrease, and or eliminate headaches, removing the stuffy air
  • Plants and mood elevation: Indoor plants have been known to increase feeling of calm, well being, and optimism, while reducing levels of stress.  Many studies have reported positive effects of plants on humans increasing recovery time in those sick.
  • Plants and improved mental health: Indoor plant care has been known to help improve mental health simply by caring for a living thing. Studies have shown decreases in depression by incorporating house plants in your life. Plants can decrease your blood pressure: Plants have been linked to lowering blood pressure and reducing stress aiding in a healthy lifestyle.
  • Reduction of indoor carbon dioxide: Indoor plants have been known to prevent drowsiness from elevated levels, simply by drawing carbon dioxide from the air during photosynthesis.
  • Plants and natural remedies: Many indoor plants can offer topical solution and remedies. Plants such as aloe vera can  provide pain relief, when applied to the skin, while others can offer antiseptic properties for minor cuts and scrapes.
  • Preventing allergies with indoor house plants: Indoor plant exposure has been linked to a positive tolerance and immunity to allergens.  Exposing children to allergens such as plants, can help them build a natural tolerance and immunity to the allergen. This positive exposure works much like an allergy shot, the difference it is a safe and natural approach.
  • Negating airborne chemical cleaners, agents, and cigarette smoke: Indoor plants help in removing many airborne chemicals from indoor cleaners, as well as trapped smoke.  If you live near a smoker, are a smoker, or live with one, a plant can significantly reduce and remove the airborne chemicals from synthetic chemicals, smoke and cigarettes. The Peace Lily is a great choice for removing indoor pollution.
  • Plants and increased brain activity: Indoor plants and flowers have been linked to elevated mood, creativity, as well as improving idea generation.
  • Cleaning your air with household plants: Indoor plants are amazing when it come to improving the air quality around them.  They not only contribute to filtering out chemicals from the air we breath, but also output clean air acting as a natural filtration system.
  • Clearing congestion naturally with indoor house plants: There are many plants that aid in clearing and or removing congestion.  If congestion has been a problem consider plants that clear congestion and phlegm from the system.  One of the best for clearing congestion is Eucalyptus.  Eucalyptus is also found in many over the counter and natural congestion remedies.
  • Natural humidification with indoor house plants: Plant are known to soften the air by creating a humidifying effect.  Bringing 1-2 indoor plants can create the same effect of expensive humidifier machines while also bringing in many other health benefits.
  • Improving restful sleep with indoor house plants: Many plants and flowers can improve your sleep as they give off oxygen.  Many flowers give off oxygen at night which can contribute to a great night sleep.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with night oxygen producers for your bedroom as they are wonderful aids in a good nights rest.  Gerbera daisies are known for this and are super for sleep whether they are cut and in vase in your bedroom, or a full living plant.

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