Grass Free Yard Options

Grass Free Yard Options

I love lush, green, traditional grass lawns, as they remind me of childhood memories. For some they are and can be very calming, or even provide reminders of leisure days on the golf course. Grass in most backyards usually doesn’t come close to looking like a golf course, and can be more of a problem then an asset. There are always awful weed, dandelion, and other discolored patches of dead grass, and even yellow spots. After reading about so many healthy alternatives I am now convinced that the only way to achieve a beautiful grass lawn is by using very harmful and toxic pesticides, weed killers and inorganic fertilizers—something I REFUSE to do.  Most lawns require large amounts of watering creating a great deal of waste, not to mention areas that don’t have the option being drought-prone.  A wonderful alternative is to use Clover or Moss.  You will find more on healthy clover as a ground cover in the what is section of this site.

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  1. Really helpful. Thanks to the article we just had clover installed not only was it less costly it is beautiful and our family loves it. Thanks for keeping such great information up on the site. So glad to be a subscriber.

  2. Such a help! Really glad to have read this. We were thinking of removing our grass and replacing it with more. This article came at the perfect time and we were just told it will run 1/2 the cost of the grass replacement. Thank you.

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