Healthy Green Ground Cover with Clover

Healthy Green Ground Cover with Clover

Get a beautiful green lawn without the grass by using a clover as a ground cover. Clover is low-growing, great for shady areas, and has a lush appearance. Clover can be mowed to create a “lawn.” Clover is a low maintenance, drought tolerant ground cover, and doesn’t get yellow dog spots.  Clover is also naturally insect resistant which makes it much easier to grow and a healthy ground cover for you and your family. Clover attracts beneficial insects, great for your vegetable garden or other plants or shrubs you may have. If you’re like me and want a soft spot for your kids and pets to play, without all the upkeep of grass, then clover may be just the perfect solution you need.

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  1. Super helpful having this put in this week. So excited. Thank you for the info I wouldn’t have asked our gardener without it. We are saving so much with putting this in.

  2. Allison says:

    What kind of clover is shown in the photo? How tall does it get? Where can I buy it?

    1. This is standard green clover. It grows much like grass not too tall and doesn’t need much care. You can typically get it at most nurseries, if they don’t have or carry they typically will order for you. You can also grow it from seed which grow quite rapidly and don’t take much care. The best thing to do is google your zip code and buying clover ground cover to see what is available in your area. If you do not have any close vendors you can then look up clover seed for sale and see what your area offers. Hope this helps. It is really an amazing ground cover and requires so much less care then grass. Take good care. Wishing you great love, health and abundant happiness!

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