Organic food is grown by farmers who only use farming methods that strive for a balance with nature and system sustainability. Their methods focus on natural soil improvement and rely on inherent biological systems to produce the highest quality foods with minimal environmental impact. When you see the “organic” label on food, it means your government has certified that the farm and the food grown there have used techniques that:

  1. Do not use synthetic pesticides, herbicides, and soil fumigants.
  2. Do not use sewage sludge for fertilizers.
  3. Do not use any form of genetic engineering (plant, animal, or hybrid).
  4. Do not use artificial growth hormones or antibiotics (in animals).
  5. Do improve the quality and fertility of the soil.
  6. Do protect water quality.
  7. Do reduce soil erosion.
  8. Do rely on natural biological systems for pest and weed control.
  9. Do reduce the impact of agriculture on our environment.
  10. Do produce the highest quality, great tasting food!

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  1. Enjoy all the articles. Great style and information.

  2. Alva Wheeler says:

    Great Article. Very Appreciative to have this site for subscribers. It has been such a help in leading a healthier lifestyle.

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