Steel Cut Oats

Steel-cut oats are delicious whole grains using the inner portion of the oat kernel.  What sets steel cut oats apart from standard oats is that they have been cut into two two to three pieces by steel, much different that rolled oats.  Their appearance is slightly different then standard rolled oats as they are golden in color and look similar to small pieces of rice.

Steel-cut oats are also referred to as Irish oats, coarse-cut oats, or pinhead oats.  This method of oats takes longer then instant or rolled oats due to its natural state.  They are minimally processed making them a healthier version of oats then the more common type of instant or rolled.  They take about 15–20 minutes to simmer, you can also pre-soak them which makes them cook much quicker.  The nutty flavor of these oats are much richer in body and flavor profile and they are also heartier in that the are chewier.

Steel-cut oats have a lower glycemic index than rolled or instant oatmeal, causing a lower spike in insulin levels when consumed, making them a much better choice then the instant or rolled oat types.

There are so many health benefits of eating steel-cut oats.  They are known to lower blood cholesterol levels, due to the high levels of soluble fiber.  Oats with high levels of fiber have also help reduce the risk of heart disease when combined with a heart healthy low-fat diet. The benefits to the heart exist due to the beta-glucans in the oats. Oatmeal has a high content of complex carbohydrates coupled with fiber making it an aid to digestion while stabilizing the blood-glucose levels. Oatmeal also contains high levels of B Vitamins making it a wonderfully health start to any day.

We like to make a large pot of these during the weekend and then we have them ready for the weeks breakfast without the 20 minutes of cooking.  They really are nice and filling and help you power through the day without being hungry before your next meal.  If you haven’t tried them yet do yourself a favor and try them soon.  They have a delicious earthy, nutty flavor with an exceptional chewy texture. We typically buy ours from Bob’s Red Mill who just recently won an award for the best steel cut oats.  You can also find some other brands like these below which are great.  Your health food store also has these in the bulk section which helps you buy at a lower cost buying just what you need and not what the can, jar or box dictates.

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