Tempeh Pinto Burgers with Carrots, Black Beans & Peppers


Naturally Vegan Vegetarian Recipe
Yields: 6-8 Burgers
Time: 12 Minutes
(10 Item Recipe)

1 Package Tempeh
1 Cup Organic Black Beans
1 Cup Organic Pinto Beans
1/4 Cup Organic Carrot
1/2 Organic Green Pepper
1/2 Organic Onion
1 Cup Organic Oats
1/4 Cup whole wheat flour
1 teaspoon smoked paprika
1 Teaspoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil


We topped our burgers with Avocado, raw onion, tomato and lettuce.  You can top your burger with your favorite goodies and mix it up each time based on what you have on hand.  You will be surprised that each time you can create a delicious creation that is unique for you and your families taste.  If you aren’t eating it on a bun you can also serve it plain and top it with your own creative sauces to make a delicious feast.  Every variation of toppings twists it up with a new flavor profile.  Be creative and Enjoy!


In a food processor, add green pepper, carrot and onion until well chopped. Add in beans and tempeh pulsing until well mixed. Put mixture in a bowl. Pour in oats, paprika and flour mixing well. Form into patties.  On medium heat in pan add extra virgin olive oil cooking on each side until golden.  Can be served on a bun or in a sandwich or simple as a protein veggie patty.  Enjoy.  We love to make extras so that we can cook up a second batch another day of the week.  The kids and adults love these when friends are over we make these on a bun like your standard burger style.  They seem to go quick and always go over well even to our meat eating friends.

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