Natural Hair Repair Conditioning treatment – Do it at Home Today!

This simple all natural hair repair treatment can be done at home in about an hour or less.

What you will need:
1/4 Cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil
2 Cups Warm Water
Shower Cap or Plastic bag that will fit around your head
1 Hour minimum or more if you have more time
Squeeze Bottle With a Nozzle Tip (You can find one for about $2 at your local beauty supply store)
*You can also use a squeeze bottle with nozzle from agave or honey and just wash it out thoroughly)*

Take 2 cups of warm water and mix with 1/4 cup Extra Virgin Olive Oil.  If you have really long hair you can add more olive oil for more coverage.  Take the mixture and put it into a clean and sterile squeeze bottle. Shake vigorously. Begin to apply on roots and then out to ends of hair.  When liquid is all used, pin back hair if it is long or put into a bun on top.  Cover with shower cap, if you do not have one you can also use a plastic bag that will fit around your head.  Leave the cap on for 1 hour minimum.  If you have more time you can leave it on longer.  Once you are completed with the treatment rinse out.  You do not have to shampoo after your done, a simple rinse of the oil will be perfect, or you can shampoo.  You will find your hair will be naturally silkier and softer and you can do this at home.  I like to do this natural home treatment when I am cleaning the house.  The time goes by quick and by the time I am ready to shower my chores are done, I clean up and my hair is beautifully soft and silky.  Try it when you have time and you will want to say good bye to other expensive conditioning and hair care treatments.  If you have a dry scalp be sure to get some of the solution on your scalp and it will nicely treat any dry spots.  

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  1. Enjoyed this formula saves us so much now that we make our own. Love it.

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