Root Vegetable – Red Crimson Beets – Power Vegetable

Beets are incredible root vegetable most commonly seen in the purple color.  Beets have been found to have incredibly high cancer-fighting potential. The betacyanin in beets which gives them their beautiful crimson purple color, have been proven to be a wonderful cancer fighting agent, especially when it comes to cancer of the colon.  Diets rich in beet fiber have been shown to increase immune cells, helping eliminate abnormal cells.  Beetroot has been shown to aid in warding off  the growth of tumors, helping prevent a number of cancers including liver, skin, spleen, and lung.

Beets are rich in glutamine, a detoxifying amino acid, essential to intestinal and colon health. Glutamine deficiencies have been known to create a state of imbalance in the intestinal bacteria, leaving vulnerability to unfriendly organisms, and bacteria in the bloodstream. Be sure to add beets to your diet in an effort to help assist your digestive and immune health.

Health Benefits—Beets:


Inhibit the growth of tumors, preventing chemically induced cancers of the liver, skin, spleen and lungs.
  • Rich in glutamine, a detoxifying amino acid essential to the health of the intestinal tract.
  • Reduce chronic inflammation, which damages blood vessels that lead to heart disease,                 Alzheimer’s, and Type-2 diabetes.

Beets increase the activity of two protective enzymes in the liver, protecting the liver cells from free radical attack.
 This powerhouse root vegetable has also been shown to hold promise for reducing cardiovascular disease.

Beet-rich diets have shown benefits in regulating cholesterol levels. Rich in betaine which is also known to reduce chronic inflammation, helping ward off damage to blood vessels, responsible for leading to conditions including heart disease, Alzheimer’s, and Type-2 diabetes.  Betaine also does wonders for the liver helping protect against fatty deposits. Research has shown diets high in beets, can protect the liver cells from free radical attack by their strong detoxifying enzymes.

Beet greens are a power food high in vitamin C, iron, and calcium, as well as beta-carotene and lutein/zeaxanthin.  Beet greens are best prepared steamed lightly similar to spinach.

Healthy beets are available year round, sweetest and most tender during their peak season, from June to October. You will find several varieties of beets including white, golden yellow, and candy stripe beets.  The healthiest beets are the red varieties which have the cancer-fighting compound betacyanin. Be sure to pick up some red beets to begin enjoying the incredible health benefits today.

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