Why Use Agave over Standard Sugar

Agave makes a great sugar substitute with many reasons to being a better choice. Agave is a real sugar, as opposed to other artificial or non-nutritive sweetener types. Agave has similar properties to sugars with one major and important difference: its glycemic index is significantly lower.  Due to the lower glycemic index it makes Agave a much healthier alternative to many processed AND natural sweeteners, including:

  • white sugar
  • brown sugar
  • turbinado sugar
  • demerara sugar
  •  cane juice
  • maple
  • date sugar

Agave is Weight Management Friendly

opposed to other sugars that contribute

to increasing weight

Agave nectar’s low glycemic index makes it a good choice for those on a low-carb, and or slow-carb diet as well as for a variety of weight loss and weight management programs. Standard white sugar has a glycemic index in the high 60’s, while agave generally scores under half at only 30. Low Glycemic foods are indexed lower than 55. Foods lower on the scale are less apt to trigger fat storage. In our experience we have found that on a diet or healthy weight maintenance plan agave is a much better substitute for sugar. Moderate use of Agave, has also been helpful to enjoy foods that otherwise might be off limits.

Agave is Diabetic Friendly

Diabetics monitor sugar intake in their diet regularly and similar to those trying to lose weight, they must be aware and watch the glycemic index of foods they eat. Agave DOES have calories and carbohydrates to take into consideration, and responses to sweeteners will vary from one individual to the next. Due to the fact that agave has a lower glycemic index than standard sugar, its carbohydrates are less likely to spike and or raise the blood sugar quickly. Keep in mind agave is not a “free” food but, under proper medical monitoring, using it as a substitute for sugar may open up new dietary options for many diabetics.

No Bone Char Filters in AGAVE!

Many standard sugar including brown sugar – especially those made from sugar cane – are filtered using bone char or animal-bone-based charcoal.  Agave is completely vegan, meaning that it’s appropriate for those whose diet and lifestyle choices exclude all animal products.

Using Agave as a Substitute for Sugar

Though agave is slightly more calorie-dense than standard brown or white sugar, it is about 40% sweeter, so the amount of agave used is considerably less then what you would use with sugar. It may take a short transition and adjustment when learning to cook with agave, however,  it is much easier than using an artificial sweetener to substitute for sugar. Artificial sweeteners provide sweetness, but few of the important functional properties of real sugars. Agave provides the same variety of functions (moisture retention, including browning,  softening and preserving food) as unhealthy standard processed sugars.


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