Farmers’ Market During Summertime

Farmers’ Market During Summertime

Summer is such a fun time at the farmers’ market.  There are so many wonderful varieties of produce that are available during this special season.  With the sun’s energy there are many vibrant and delicious fruits available in the summer months. Fruit is sweeter and juicer, watermelon, sweet corn, perfectly ripe peaches, garden fresh tomatoes and berries are in abundance.  Piled high at farmers’ markets, organic fruits and vegetables are super pretty and brilliantly colored during these warm summer months. Local, organic produce is the freshest, best-tasting, and most nutritious you can find, short of growing it yourself.

This summer, be sure to visit your farmers’ market often for fruits and vegetables at their peak, and put recipes together that highlight the produce in season. Keep your meals simple, with a minimum of ingredients, and use fresh organic herbs. I use these by the handful and am always amazed at the robust flavors using fresh herbs bring. Using fresh herbs will help you save time by spending less time in the kitchen, yet the resulting meals will be sensational.


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