Tips to buying the perfect peaches

Tips to Buying the perfect Peaches

When buying the perfect peaches you will need to find golden yellow and red fruits that have no green on the skin. You want to allow the fruit to ripen at room temperature.

Tips to Storing Peaches:

Storing peaches in the refrigerator will deaden their flavor, so be sure to keep them out and eat them while they are fresh. If you are making something that calls for ripe peaches, ask the farmer’s advice or the produce manager which are the ripest.

Best Uses for Peaches

Peaches are excellent when served sliced over hot or cold cereals.  They are also delicious dried, used in fresh sorbets, desserts and preserves.

Preparing the peaches

If you need to peel the peaches loosen the skin by gently running the blunt side of a blade over it. You can use the sharp side of the knife to lift the skin away simply.  To pit peaches easily cut in half lengthwise, twist the halves, and separate to remove the pit.

Favorite Uses for Peaches:

Fresh peach slices are my favorite in a smoothie.  For a delicious topping take your peach and skin, pit, and slice peaches, then toss in a bowl with fresh blueberries, dots of vegan butter, and agave. Broil the mixture until the sugar and butter melt. Use to serve over over frozen yogurt, ice cream, or agave bread.

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  1. Picked up perfect peaches thanks to this post. Thank you. The peaches are sooo good!

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