Basil Plant

Basil Plant

Basil is easy to grow and a great compliment to any kitchen.  Not only does the sweet herb help purify the air, but it also protects against troublesome mosquitoes and flying insects that stay away due to its strong scent.  The best way to get a plant going is to buy a small one at your local nursery or health food store, Trader Joe’s has great deals on both the small and large size.  It is much easier to grow basil from a plant then from the seeds.  Just trim the leaves for your meals and it will stimulate its growth.  Once it doubles in size simply transfer it to a bigger pot to increase your yield for all your recipes.

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  1. qdgsvswej says:

    Thank you just picked one up today and they smell so good. I figure I can cook with it which will save money on herbs as you mentioned that I buy at the store. Plus its ability to clean the air and produce this great fragrant smell is super. I love the tips and look forward to the new articles today.

  2. sibrani says:

    i just plant some basil from the seed that i bought, now it just still seedling, i hope it can grow beautifully and i can’t wait to pick its leaves since i love my soup with fresh basil. thank you.. 🙂

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