Basil Seed Drink to Stimulate Appetite

Basil Seed Drink to Stimulate Appetite
Time: 2 Minutes
Yield: 1 Basil Seed Drink
(2 Item Recipe)


1 Tablespoon Organic Basil Seed
8 oz Purified Water

About the Drink:

This Refreshing Basil Seed Drink is a great cooling beverage wonderful for stimulating the appetite made from basil seeds.  You can use organic seeds from a plant or buy the seeds in your local health food store.  If you are getting the seeds from your home plant take them off your plant once it has flowered and the blossoms fall off.  Let the seeds soak into your water for 2-4 minutes before drinking.  Only use your home plant if you have refrained from using chemical fertilizers if not it will be better to buy the organic ones from the store. If you want you can also opt for a little honey or agave in your drink. I take these when I want to eat breakfast and I don’t feel like it. I know skipping meals puts the weight on so believe it or not this is a great drink to help you eat meals when you otherwise don’t feel hungry to stimulating your metabolism to burn.  You can also use it if you are underweight and need to gain an appetite to eat.  It is also good for elders who are not eating or those recovering from illness that need to stimulate their appetite.

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