Healthy Snacks for Hot Weather

There are so many processed foods out there filled with unhealthy ingredients.  Rather then snacking on high fat and high sugar foods opt for the healthy options.

Healthy Snacking Tips:

Cutting up Carrots, Romaine, Red and Green Bell Peppers and Cucumbers make great healthy snacks.  You can take some fresh cilantro and make a lettuce wrap with the sticks inside making it a spicier taste. Mixing up great tastes and textures will make it fun and enjoyable to eat.  Mixing the sweet peppers with the watery cucumber and crunchy carrots makes for a great pairing. I find having snacks ready and available makes you more apt to snack on the healthier options.  Be sure to chop these up and make enough on hand to have them ready for your busy week.  Grabbing a quick handful of healthy veggies will not only curb your appetite but bring nutrient rich snacks to get you through the busy and hectic week.

Affordable Snacking:

The bonus is you will save big as processed and pre-packaged foods are very costly and not very filling. With a healthy veggie snack option you will get more for your money and be doing your body good at the same time. You can chop up enough of these for the week for about $5 which is really an affordable and healthy way to snack.

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