Having an attitude of Gratitude is so important to our every day to lives.  Gratitude effects our attitude as well as our body, mind and soul.  Knowing what you appreciate and expressing that you are grateful often is healthy to our souls.  Be thankful for what you have in every moment of every breath, regardless of how little or much.  There will always be someone out there with less, in a worse situation with unbearable obstacles.  Be appreciative with all things in life and look for solutions rather then dwelling on problem.

We should be thankful for each and every thing in our lives and understand the richness we all experience in all that we are. There will always be someone with less, there will always be someone that is sick when you are healthy, be greatful for every step of the way, in every day. Learn to take nothing for granted.


Think upon the reasons you are grateful, give thanks in thought for all things, for the strength and conviction you have to continue each day with one foot in front of  the next.  Be thankful for the limbs you have to do so. Be Thankful for the  guidance you are granted through life’s obstacles and hilly terrain in your path.  Be thankful for HOPE when all seemed hopeless. Be Thankful  for the protection and the many signs along the way, in each and every day. Be Thankful for the good you have done. Be Thankful for the friends you have made. Be Thankful for LOVE that surrounds you with family and loved ones that love unconditionally.  Be thankful for the Serenity and peace you are granted, the Courage you posses and for the Wisdom you have collected.  Be greatful every day in every way and you will be filled up with GRATITUDE which is an amazing attitude.


If someone is kind, thank him or her. Show your appreciation with KINDNESS.
It really works wonders to the body, mind and soul.

Learn to share your gratitude. When we show gratitude, it’s a way of sharing our joy with others. Even simple acts show gratitude. Sharing our joy with everyone is an attitude of GRATITUDE. It strengthens others and reminds them to show their gratitude, too.

Make showing and sharing your gratitude a part of your every day existence. If someone does something nice for you, share your happiness. If you believe that a prayer has been answered by God, share your gratitude. If you have had a victory in your life, show your gratitude by sharing it with others. Then share your gratitude with them for the help they’ve given.

Demonstrate gratitude in your actions every day. Gratitude is more than just a thought process and more than just an activity. Demonstrate your gratitude through your compassion, and your tolerance. Gratitude strengthens and supports our relationships. Make a commitment to show your gratitude by sharing it with others whenever you have the opportunity.

We can show our gratitude for life in even our smallest actions. Find a way to demonstrate your gratitude to the smallest of creatures. Be thankful for all things! When we start to look for ways to show our gratitude, we will find more and more ways to be grateful.

Gratitude is a form of self-expression that must be shared. We cannot have an attitude of gratitude without having gratitude for all things whether they be big or small. ~BE THANKFUL!


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  1. Akshay says:

    Gratidude is nothing but everything…
    Nice blog

  2. Kimberly says:

    Thanks for your blog post on gratitude! I was wondering if I might use one of your images on a flyer for a group on gratitude I’m planning to offer this Winter.

    1. You are welcome to use with permission any of our original images so long as you let us know when you would like use (the date of your functions or time period), what they will be used for and it alligns appropriately with our healthy image. We are excited you came by and visited and look forward to having you back again.

      Wishing you great love, health and abundant happiness today and always!

  3. chappellhealth says:

    Thank you for starting my day in a place of centered gratitude.

    1. You are so welcome. We are so happy to have you over at our blog and wish you great love, health and abundant happiness today and always!

  4. robert2feather2011 says:

    thanks for stopping by my blog! i like what i have seen so far.

    1. Your So Welcome! Thank you so much for stopping by. We enjoyed your site and will come back again to see what is new. Have a lovely day and weekend. Wishing you GREAT Love, Health & Happiness Today & Always!

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