Chicken Italian Sausage Sandwich with Roasted Garlic, Onions & Peppers

Chicken Italian Sausage Sandwich with Roasted Garlic,
Onions & Peppers

Time: 1o Minutes
Yield: 4 Sandwiches
(6 Item Recipe)


4 Organic Mild Italian Chicken Sausages (I get mine from Whole Foods)
Fresh Organic Artisan Bread (I used Whole Foods Ciabatta in this one shown above)1 Large Organic Onion, sliced in pieces
1 Organic Red Pepper, sliced in pieces
1 Organic Green Pepper, sliced in pieces
2 Cloves Organic Garlic, sliced thin
1 Tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil


You are going to need two skillets for this recipe.  In a medium hot skillet take italian chicken sausage and cover cooking on high.  Cook for 2 minutes turning until golden brown and juices run clear.  In another hot skillet take olive oil and add all ingredients.  Pan saute stirring frequently until veggies are tender.  You don’t want to overcook these as they will cook fast.  You can toast your bread or put it in the skillet to brown or use fresh soft bread without toasting.  I cut my sausage down the middle you can do this also or eat it whole your choice.  Take the bread put your cooked sausage down and top with roasted, garlic, onions and peppers.  This dish is so quick and super delicious.


This meal was super affordable.  I picked up the organic sausage for under $5 for 4, the artisan bread 2 loaves for $3.50 and only used one loaf for the meal so the cost of the bread was half of the $3.50 price, the onions, peppers and garlic were on sale and came in under $3.  3lb bag of onions on sale at Whole foods under $2 and Organic Garlic three large heads on sale at Whole Foods under $2.  Great deals when you look around you will be surprised.  The Garlic and onions, sausage and bread are always priced low at Trader Joe’s and they do offer the organic option.  If you don’t have a Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s near by email me and I can give you some options for shipping them to you. The meal for 4 total was right under $10 and is all organic. You can get the same items at your local Trader Joe’s and the dinner goes down to $7.  Organic doesn’t have to be more expensive when you prepare and shop correctly you should be able to fuel your body with the best healthy organic ingredients affordably.

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  1. Cora Holedners says:

    We made these and they were such a hit. What a delicious and healthy meal. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes and lovely information. This site has helped our family get healthier by the day.

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