Calming a Cough Naturally

Natural Cough Remedies

This vinegar syrup recipe works great as a cough remedy.
It is a great aid to help calm a cough naturally.
It is not only safe and natural but also very affordable.


5 Teaspoons Cider Vinegar
5 Tablespoons Honey


 Simply mix 5 Tablespoons of honey with 5 Teaspoons of Cider Vinegar.  This mild syrup will relieve coughing and help break up phlegm.  A chest compress enhances this effect: Soak a towel in equal amounts of cider vinegar and hot water (as hot as you can handle making sure it is ) and place it on your chest for 30 minutes.  This remedy works great for adults and children.  For children make the water warm not hot.


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