T’s Magic Muesli


Time: 5 Minutes (If adding self dried apples = 45 Minutes)
Yield: 6-7 Cups
(7 Item Recipe)

Naturally Vegan & Vegetarian


4 Cups Organic Oats (Quick Cook)
3/4 Cup Ground Organic Bran
1/2 Cup  Dried Organic Cranberries
1/2 Cup Organic Dried Apples (I made my own with 1 granny smith apple)
1/2 Cup Sunflower Seeds, unsalted
1/2 Cup Organic Slivered Almonds, unsalted
1/2 Cup Organic Walnuts, unsalted (optional for supplementing omega 3’s)


Take your oats and bran mix together.
Next add your cranberries, sunflower seeds, walnuts and almonds.

Mix together until well distributed. Take an apple washed and sliced it into rings, removing the seeds then baked it on a oven safe glass dish on the lowest oven setting until dehydrated about 40 minutes.

When the apples are done.  Chop them into small pieces and add to the mixture.  Store in an airtight container.

To Make Sweeter Naturally:

If you want it sweeter add 1/2 cup chopped dates to the mixture.

Ways to Eat It:

You can serve it as you would cereal and cover it with soy milk, you can let it sit in the milk without worry as it wont get soggy like traditional cereals do.

You can also serve it hot as a hot cereal the same way you would hot oatmeal. I sometimes store it in the fridge with soy milk already in it so it soaks through giving it a smooth silky texture.  Again it is a preference thing, eat it the way you enjoy it most and be creative.  It is super delicious and nutritious.  It also travels well, is extremely affordable and quick to prepare.  I find I make it different ways depending on what I feel like in the morning. Makes a great breakfast, snack or dessert.


You can add agave or honey for a sweeter taste.  You can serve it with sliced banana on top or fresh berries.  It also pairs nicely with a grated crunchy apple on top.  You can incorporate other dried fruits or nuts that you enjoy if you have a favorite and prefer it.  I recently added turkish apricots to it and it didn’t need any sweetener as it was delicious with the cranberries, apples and apricots.  It is also very delicious with plain yogurt and fresh berries or smashed banana. There is no wrong way to make it just be creative and find your favorite way you prefer it.  I happen to enjoy it all the ways listed and eat it different ways on different days. ENJOY!


This is another cereal I make up on Sundays for the week and we have fresh around so that there are never any excuses when it comes to eating healthy nutritious whole grains.  It comes in handy keeping blood sugar levels even throughout the day as a snack.  We also really SAVE a ton not eating process, packaged cereals I always know whats in our food and it is limited to the amazing whole foods we use in all our recipes.

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  1. This looks perfect. And so simple!!!!

    1. It’s simple and fast with no cooking required, affordable, nutritious, and absolutely delicious.
      Hope your day and week are off to a GREAT start! Thanks for visiting we appreciate your input.

  2. jeff monobohosian says:

    great one : ) I love this and have been enjoying it all week.

  3. I’m trying this one this week, along with your oat and nut granola. I’ll let you know how they turn out!! 🙂

    1. Sounds FANTASTIC. I hope your day and week are going GREAT! Thanks so much for stopping in.

  4. lizzybella58 says:

    your food looks so good. I like your blog and would like to invite you to visit and follow mine at http://izscorner.blogspot.com

    Thnx for sharing….liz

    1. lizzybella58 says:

      I also have a blog at http://lizzybella58.wordpress.com

    2. Thank you so much Liz for kindness we appreciate your sweet comments. We look forward to taking a look at your blog and following it as well. Take care.
      Wishing you great LOVE, Health & Abundant Happiness Today and Always!

    1. Hi sweetie, I am proud of you eating that healthy breakfast. Looks absolutely delicious. Keep up the great work and know you are in my thoughts. Have a wonderful day and upcoming week!

      1. Jennifer says:

        Thinking of you too! Filing away your recipes in my on-line folders. 🙂
        Hope all is well in that garden you planted. Must email soon! 🙂

      2. So glad you are well. Hope you and Matt are enjoying this beautiful summer. I will be sending you some pictures of the garden. Took all your advice in and it has been such a wonderful experience, thank you so much for all your help. It is such a joy to see things blossoming and mini veggies forming. Just had our first harvest yesterday after about 6 weeks. It was 3 little tomatoes which we ate on our salad for dinner and a small handful of fresh herbs, chives, cilantro and italian parsley they were all so fragrant and delicious. We have pea pods that look like they are for a doll house forming 12 other tomatoes that are green, cilantro, parsley, and jalapenos that have formed that are minis. I am looking so forward to the squash we have big flowers now so we’ll see how long before squash form. I did a boo boo on the asparagus and didn’t know that I was supposed to cut these tiny stalks so they turned into fern trees. We could have eaten them but it would have been maybe a topper to a salad. It was funny though because they came up looking like a really thin asparagus and logic said this is them but they were so small that I thought they would get larger, instead they turned into large fern trees, so I am researching what to do now if I cut them if they will produce again this season or to just leave them until next year. I have organic sunflowers too that are the most rapid growing from seeds then any. Unfortunately all our transplants from the house to garden croaked and I had to start again from seeds so I got a late start but it has been a process and a learning experience. Its so fun to deal with the various issues they have and inspect them daily. I had a caterpillar problem which I relocated the caterpillars to some weeds so they could munch on those. I also put a bird feeder in which has deterred the birds from even noticing the garden or its fruits. One lady told me she lost her entire garden to birds so thankfully that has worked well. I also think I had some yellowing due to overwatering and lots of rain we got but that is back in control. Their also have been some spotting on the plant which I also believe was from the over watering. The planters are all getting full sun so I was thinking either too much sun or too much water, cutting back on the watering really helped plus I did an organic fertilizer which greened them all up. I think lack of nitrogen from what I read. So all in all its looking good and been a real JOY. I talked to a 80 year old that had 4 generations of organic farming in our town and she said her deceased husband had a great mixture of organic pesticide using cayenne and some other ingredients she is trying to remember I hope she does. I really don’t want to kill any bugs at all I feel like they can be used somewhere. We have resident spiders which seem to cut the pests down and so far so good.

        Have a beautiful sunshiny day. So glad you wrote, I am sorry I have been a bad friend but just super busy. Take care sweetie. With Love and Gratitude. Hugs

    2. That is fantastic! So glad you made it. What a delicious breakfast super healthy, filling and yummy too. Take care sweetie. Hope all is well.

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