Grow Your Own Organic Sprouts With Ease!

Grow your own organic sprouts with ease!
Organic sprouts are one of the most nutritious and affordable food you can eat.

How to Grow the Sprouts:
You won’t need sunlight or outdoor area. No soil, no fertilizer, no gardening experience necessary. Simply water seed and within 48 hours magic should happen.

How Much Effort is Required:
Growing your own organic sprouts requires a very small effort getting started. It’s fast and can be very enjoyable. Adults and children enjoy watching their sprouts as they grow.

What you can expect to make from each crop you harvest:
Seeds yield 1 lb of sprouts.
2 teaspoons = 3-4 oz of sprouts per week.

Recommendations of places that I think have good value:
Great sprout growing kits available here. They show you how to sprout from your own kitchen counter. Check out SPROUT KIT

Reducing your footprint:
When growing something yourself, you are reducing the amount of energy and carbon emissions that are needed to feed you.

Where Can You Get These:
I found these great packages of sprout starters @ $2.50. Package of ZPROUTS contains 2oz of organic GARBANZO BEAN (They have other beans to choose from if you prefer another seed for sprouting). Includes sprouting instructions, storage information, recipes, along with nutritional information.
Ships from U.S. Shipping shouldn’t exceed $1.50.

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