1lb Organic Firm Tofu Deal @ Trader Joe’s

I have used this organic firm tofu now several times in many of our featured recipes and it is amazing. It’s firm texture really takes the place of meat on many recipes where the texture is needed. Goes amazing in chili, tacos and burritos, soups and stews, scrambles, brownies and more.

You get 1lb of Tofu 16 oz a really large block for a little over $1. This tofu is TRADER JOE’S Brand and is located in their refrigerated section. It packs a mighty 14 grams of soy protein. Goes nicely cubed and stir fry with vegetables, or served over pasta, rice or used in another dish. We had tofu tacos last and before that we had honey glazed tofu triangles over a bed of jasmine rice, both were amazing. The 1lb served us 5 large servings. We were all full when done. Thank you Trader Joe’s for such amazing deals!

After enjoying this meal so much we will now be having lights out on meat 2 nights a week when we will supplement delicious fresh and healthy vegetarian meals into our diet. Not eating meat will really cut our grocery bill down substantially as the most expensive food is the animal protein.

Try to get some tofu into your diet each week. You will find creative and delicious ways you enjoy it most. From dinner to desserts it has been wonderful at all times.


Over the other brands of tofu I have had which includes over 7 kinds this was a much more full bodied and nutty flavor. The firmness made me forget it was a vegetarian dish. The heartyness to the tofu filled me up in all the recipes we made. I highly recommend this and it comes at an affordable price. This package is much larger then any other brands being 1lb so you get much more for less.

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