Tofu & Brown Rice Tacos


Time: 10 Minutes
Yield: 8 Yummy Tacos
(9 Item Recipe)


1/2 Package Firm Organic Tofu, drained
2 Cups Brown Rice, cooked ahead of time
1/2 Organic Onion
2 Cloves Organic Garlic
1/2 Teaspoon Organic Cumin
1/4 Cup Organic Quick Cooking Oats
8 Organic Corn Tortillas
Organic Salsa, low sodium (I make my own)
Teaspoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil


Take tofu and drain.  On a small plate with a plate on top let sit for 5 minutes. Remove any juice that drained from tofu.  Take half a container of tofu and cut into small bite size cubes.

In another bowl take oats and cumin mixing together.  Then take tofu and drop into dry mixture.  Coat the tofu with the mixture.  Then chop up the onions and garlic.

In a large pan on medium high heat add teaspoon olive oil.  Then add the tofu onions and garlic and pan saute until golden.

While the tofu is browning get your cooked brown rice out and make sure it is warm.  Also get your organic corn tortillas and warm them.  As soon as the mixture is golden take a spoonful of brown rice, a spoonful of tofu and fill your soft taco shell.  Top with mild organic red salsa.

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