Fast Healthy Foods – Fantastic World Foods

If you are looking for a fast fix and are short on time pick up Fantastic World Foods Tofu Scrambler Box.  Simply add your tofu and you can make up a wonderful scrambler that can be used in many ways including in a burrito, on a sandwich, on top of quinoa, aside a salad.  Its quick and inexpensive.  At under $2 this two pouch box comes with the perfect amount of spices you need to spruce up your tofu.  Makes a great entree, breakfast, side and more.

Affordability Factor:

This meal comes in for 4 servings at Under $4 which is quite affordable. Under $1 per serving of this healthy vegetarian protein. We made 1lb of Tofu.  Enough scrambler for 2lbs.


I will also provide you my new and improved version of this mix that you can make in bulk at home.  You will save waste from the boxes and you will be able to make more for less without buying brand named box mixes.  You can make it fresher from home and rid it from excess sodium that most packaged foods contain. Of course this would be way better processed food choice then driving through fast food.

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