Sprouted Bread w/ Agave, Peanut & Banana

Sprouted Bread w/ Agave, Peanut & Banana

Time: 5 Minutes
Yield:  Servings
(4 Item Recipe)


6 Sprouted Grain Bread Slices  or rolls
1/4 Cup Organic Unsalted creamy peanut butter
1/8 Cup Organic Agave
1/2 Organic Banana, smashed and warmed for topping


In a small pan preheated on medium high heat take smashed banana and warm on stove.  Toast or warm rolls or bread.  When warmed spread peanut butter.  Drizzle with agave and top with warmed banana.


Great snack or dessert for kids and adults who want sweets.  Great transitional snack to move away from high calorie, high fat sweets and begin eating healthier better options then prepackaged junk food devoid of any nutrition.

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  1. Peanut and banana sounds like an interesting combination. Will definitely give this a try.

    1. If you haven’t had it before and you like all these things, you should really enjoy them together. It is power packed with great nutrition and quite delicious. Enjoy!

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