Vegan Chocolate Bananas


Time: 5 Minutes
Yield: 2 Servings
(2 Item Recipe)

Naturally Vegan & Vegetarian


1 Organic Banana, sliced
1/4 Cup Organic Vegan Semi Sweet Chocolate, melted for drizzling


Remove peel and slice up banana.  Take 1/4 cup vegan chocolate chips and melt.  Once melted drizzle or flick across bananas to equally distribute.  Put plate in the freezer for 2 minutes to firm up chocolate.  Taste like a chocolate covered banana without the the commonly used trans fats hiding in them.
This dessert is low in calories and fat.  It is so much healthier then other more costly and unhealthy options.  This dish is straight bananas with pure chocolate, and no dairy.


We made these banana treats so affordably.  The bananas were $.29 cents each at Trader Joe’s.  The Vegan Semi Sweet Chocolate Chips were under $2 for a large bag.  Buying three bananas made 6 desserts for under $1.50 total.  We made these without preservatives and other unhealthy additives, agents and colors that are all too often thrown in.

Cheap and super healthy!

If you aren’t vegan you still will enjoy these treats.
When we can spare the fat and calories we will.

This is such a better alternative to eating a large slice of cake or pie with trans fats in the crust that you don’t think about.  Children and families love this simple dish and won’t complain.  You will save big as you can have this all week for change.  You won’t notice that it taste healthier and you will enjoy it the same. Do your best to incorporate healthier options into your diet that you will really enjoy.

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